EduForum 2018

EduForum 2018


1 November, 2018 - 3 November, 2018

Cairo - Egypt


Edupedia has been in the field of education, working closely with teachers, fulfilling its vision to empower Egyptian educators and leaders in the field. Leading educational development in Egypt by offering all state-of-the-art in classroom practices, pedagogical leadership, and teacher education.

Today edupedia takes the initiative to offer teachers in Egypt a new learning experience, and an opportunity to be exposed to the latest in pedagogy and teaching.

Bringing together educators from all over the world to the heart of Cairo, to revolutionize education in Egypt.

EduForum is an initiative to create a shared culture between teachers to enhance their professional growth. The conference is a platform for educators, form both national and international educational arenas, to share their knowledge and expertise with the attendees.

The two days conference promises a rich and unique experience to attendees of all disciplinary areas.

EduForum will offer the perfect theoretical framework for attendees in parallel with School Hub, the event exhibiting Cairo’s best schools and educational institutions.

How is Eduforum 2018 going to be different?

Inspired from the Teachers Lab of 2017, this year Eduforum will be three days of unique learning that is personalized and adapted according to the latest in educational leaders.

The first two days will be a focused track of one topic specialized to our audience of educators and educational leaders. While the forum day will cater for teachers and school leaders as well as important stakeholders including decision-makers, policy makers, civil society and our upcoming generation of learners.

For the specialized track of the first two days, attendees will have a chance to participate in EduForum Learning Track for Teachers and Educational Leaders. Our aim this year to empower educators with the tools and knowledge of curriculum development and design.

The forum day will consist of sessions in which speakers from different backgrounds will share their knowledge and host active discussions regarding research applications in curriculum for a vast variety of audience.


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