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Inspiring Digital Actors from the MENA Region

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The Arab World must make better use of its innovative talents and forge new national, regional and international projects in commerce, mobility, industry and urban design to reach a meaningful and sustainable position in the digital global economy.
Prof. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani, Co-Chair of DAN
Digitization is, of course, a global phenomenon. Nonetheless, the discussion about its effects on society and the economy initially took place primarily in the West.
DAN's Digitalization Strategies for the Arab World
What marks the field of smart cities is the engagement of all actors: local authorities, private sector, universities, civil society and the citizen.
Tarik Nesh-Nash, Steering Committee Member of DAN
These are new types of organizations that mediate between customers and producers or between clients and contractors.
DAN's Digitalization Strategies of the Arab World
It will be important that public administrations in developing countries also see themselves as platforms that seek relevant national and international partners from business, science, politics, and civil society for the digitization agenda items
DAN's Digitalization Strategies for the Arab World
The digital transformation will shape our future and therefore, we decided to encourage the young and the creative minds of this region to participate in an open innovation contest (Crowdstorm) to submit their ideas about the digital future of the Arab region. The ideas submitted were beyond our expectations
Bassant Helmi, Co-Chair of DAN

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