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Digital Arabia Network (DAN)


Digitalisation has long since ceased to be an option. On the contrary, the world needs innovative solutions and strategies to keep on turning even in challenging times.

With this in mind, in 2017 we launched the "Digital Arabia Network" (DAN), the lab for the digital future of the Arab world, which extends from the MENA region to the European diaspora. As an online and offline platform, DAN connects all the creative and digital innovators who contribute to making our lives a little bit easier, fairer and better.

Our various event formats range from international conferences and interactive discussion panels to hackathons and online competitions. It is our declared goal to address interested citizens in addition to the digital actors and the promising young talents themselves, and thus to create an awareness of the fact that digitization is relevant for all of us.

Under the motto Connect. Transform. Create., we believe that DAN has an important role to play in shaping our future across all spheres: whether art & culture, business & the future of work, citizen participation, gender equality & inclusion or online media & journalism.

In all these areas, the skillful use of digital tools and technologies can make the wheel of the future work even better.

Because our future is digital.

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