About the Conference

RAKAMEYA 2021: Our Future is Digital

Conference for digital transformation in the MENA Region: June 15th - 17th 2021

After last year’s great success, the Digital Arabia Network (DAN) is happy to announce that the 2021’s edition of Rakameya conference for digital transformation in the MENA region is taking place from 15th to 17th June.

There is no doubt that the future is digital. 

The digital transformation of our societies is already here and will continue to cross-cut every aspect of our lives. Today, with the onset of a global pandemic disrupting the world as we knew it before, digital transformation is taking on an even more prominent role. 

DAN understands digital transformation as a reality that needs to be tackled collectively.

Last year, amidst a global pandemic, DAN launched the Rakameya Conference with the mission to bring together and spotlight relevant professionals from the MENA region active in the field of digital transformation. 

This year, DAN aims to move beyond the conference format.

The format of Rakameya 2021 aims to remind that the engagement of multiple and diverse stakeholders is key for leading transformation through a collective, inclusive and participatory manner and towards a global effort to come up with new solutions for digital and social innovation. 

50% of the Rakameya 2021’s program will consist of community-led sessions from the suggestions submitted and shortlisted during the open call.


The vision for Rakameya 2021 is to host a festival of digital transformation that celebrates this field in all its composite dimensions, expanding into new formats and opening up to a more participatory approach. 

At the festival, we aim to spotlight the great diversity within the digital transformation field in the region and create a platform where the potential of the digital community can get more visibility. 

Along with a series of talks and workshops bringing together perspectives of a large number of regional and international experts, fifteen collaborating institutions, and representatives from civil society and the business communities of the region, DAN is launching an open call for proposals for sessions, workshops and webinars led by the community. 


Rakameya 2021 will take place ONLINE from June 15th to June 17th. 

The days will be structured in three sections:
Morning time: Workshops
Lunch break: Community Talks
After-work: Virtual Knowledge Sharing.

The conference calls for all professionals and enthusiasts from the MENA region active in the digital transformation field who are interested in participating in the conversation and examining the impact of the digitization process across DAN’s different spheres: Arts & Culture, Business & the Future of Work, Civic Participation & Smart Cities, Gender Equality and Inclusion and Online Media & Journalism. and through different formats. 



The Corona virus has changed the way we live and see the world. From the way we work to the way we socialize, the entire social and cultural system has been disrupted. 

The world has started to ask new questions and adapt to new realities, sometimes coming up with effective solutions to cope with the difficulties posed by the virus. 

In this context, digital transformation has been the most important transformation-enabling factor. 

Faced with this reality, the world is entering a new phase, opening up to interesting scenarios for the future of civil society, work and economy. 

Rakameya 2021 wants to investigate in particular what role the digital transformation takes in changing the future across the MENA region and reshaping it through the potential of emerging technology and digital infrastructures.