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Ahmad Alhuwwari

UX Mentor

UX Mentor


Ahmad Alhuwwari is a UX Mentor | Evangelist | Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in UX, Multimedia & IT fields, based now in Jordan.

UX Consultant is a fancy way of saying he plans how to present the things you see on your computer screen so that they are easy to understand, engaging, and compelling. Things like the navigation, forms, categories, and words on intranets, websites, web applications, and business systems.

Doing this professionally since 2006; while he was studying for Master’s in Australia, he designed & evaluated the User Interfaces of many business applications, websites, and machines, his passion for User Experience is endless.

Ahmad’s training skills were developed through his engagement in several workshops and training courses in many universities, colleges, companies, and private/public organizations. He has more than 20 years of proven solid teaching experience local & International. He teaches more than 50K students online & offline throughout his career as a trainer & lecturer.

He established the "Jordan UX Community" & "Arabic UX Community" To raise awareness about UX topics in the MENA region, he is a regular speaker at conferences about Education, Multimedia & UX topics.

Ahmad believes that "Knowledge must be free for all" and "Understanding the user is the most important aspect of creating a successful product!"

Ahmad is the founder of UX Waves (UX Research Agency), and he is now working as the UX/UI Manager for Orange Jordan.