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Nada Khorchid

CEO at ArabiaGIS | Technology Innovator | Mentor

CEO at ArabiaGIS | Technology Innovator | Mentor


Nada Khorchid has over 20 years of experience in the technology domain in various executive roles. She has a successful track record in building a startup and scaling it up to become a market player in the technology domain achieving profitability in 5 years, building local and international alliances, as well as managing and coaching a diversified team to launch new technology products and services and enter new geographical markets.

She has a passion for engaging with interesting ideas and business concepts and realizing them into successful enterprises that inspire people to grow and excel. This has involved a long journey of coaching/mentoring youth and entrepreneurs through different local and international programs; engaging with entrepreneurs to refine their business idea, develop their pitch, prepare their business plan for investors, run their startup and develop personal and business skills.