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Murtada Makki

Entrepreneur & technologist & Co-founded of SYBER

Entrepreneur & technologist & Co-founded of SYBER


Murtada Makki, Sudanese-American entrepreneur & technologist and co-founded of SYBER, a leading ICT & digital services company in Sudan since 2015. Murtada has more than 18 years of experience in Information & Communication Technology in the US and the Gulf including Sprint Inc., VV, and APPTIX.

As the first e-payment service provider, SYBER transformed Sudan’s digital scene by filling some of the tech gaps. The company aims to provide long-term, integrated tech solutions for businesses. SYBER expanded their digital services to e-commerce (, online travel agencies

(, e-education (EMS) and courier services (Sari Delivery). SYBER’s clients include banks, universities, telecom companies, and transportation services.