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Salma Amin

Digital marketing expert

Digital marketing expert


Salma Amin is a digital marketing expert with broad cultural exposure and international experience. She leads Andariya’s digital marketing strategy. Andariya is an online cultural magazine serving Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, and expanding into East Africa. Andariya creates and curates critical content on arts, culture, women, technology, and social commentary. It was founded on 2015 by Omnia Shawkat and Salma Amin with the vision of developing a leading digital space that promotes and connects Africans within the region and beyond. Andariya’s online work is paired with offline cross-cultural exchanges, trainings, and research projects. Some of the magazine’s recent online campaigns is online hate speech mitigation and covid-19 awareness.

Salma won global awards for her work including the first runner up title of the African Peace Builder Awards in 2016, second in a voting competition between 8 African entrepreneurs and received more than 9500 votes in a marketing campaign with 1.5 million impressions.