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Reem Al Faranjy

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Founder of


Reem Al Faranjy transformed her anger, despair and helplessness into a platform that brings hope to parents of children with special abilities in MENA. In 2017, the mother of two children with developmental disabilities launched (Our loved ones) the first website in Arabic that provides content and resources on developmental disabilities throughout the Arab region. Reem, 38, chose this name because, “It reflects our firm belief that our children are our beloved ones regardless of their abilities,” she explains. is also a network that connects parents from MENA together, with specialists and resources, providing them with valuable and reliable information about their children’s various conditions. Moreover, and most importantly, the platform supports and embraces parents of children with special abilities and needs to make them feel they are not alone.

In November 2017, Reem received an award for her idea from Bank AlEtihad in Jordan. The award money enabled her to launch the website with 140 videos and a directory for service providers across Jordan. In 2018, and after launching a crowd funding campaign, more philanthropists and corporations supported the cause, including, Hikma, Zain, and AlJude for Scientific research. With their generous contributions, grew its video library to include more than 700 videos from 70 specialists and parents. These videos provided bite size information for parents to deal with the various challenges they face. In addition, they started a new service, "Tele-coaching" to connect parents with specialists in the fields of special education and rehabilitation via conference call system, so parents can get the guidance they need whenever and wherever they needed it.