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Hadj Khelil

Founder & General manager in BIGmama Technology

Founder & General manager in BIGmama Technology


Hadj Khelil, (following a passage at Oxford and a career in high finance) is the founder of DataLab BIGmama Technology. Not only is he speaker, active in some of the most recognized economy newspapers, but also an entrepreneur and senior lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, where he teaches data science.

Hadj and BIGmama’s ultimate goal is value creation while resolving problems in the broadest sense of the term (Economy, Industry, Environment, etc.).

Hadj considers that augmented intelligence is tomorrow’s black gold and he is very specific in his collaborators’ selection, for a better execution of his projects. His motto regarding data science is “Autonomisation”, or “EMPOWERMENT”. The technology is a way to enhance and fortify the human being. It is with this in mind that Hadj Khelil challenged himself: Change the World, or at least try to improve it.

Hadj founded BIGmama Technology as an Algerian startup that proposes (with a certain success) Artificial Intelligence solutions to clients throughout the world. It uses statistical learning techniques and software genius in order to guarantee its partners the best tools. By offering modern treatments and approaches, BIGmama positioned itself at the cutting edge of technology. Thus BIGmama proposes sharp deep learning services with an overall goal to create value for its clients. BIGmama’s technological specificity is to think that the machines are hardly autonomous. Artificial Intelligence, in the sense that it’s usually presented, doesn’t exist. What does exist however is the capacity to encode a competency [always] human and reproduce it with machine learning tools, in addition to data engineering. Our profession in three words: Diagnostic, Encode, Multiply. More importantly, BIGmama considers that its greatest treasure is its human capital. Everything is done in order to identify inspiring missions not only on a technical level but also “philosophical”. BIGmama strives to advance each element at its maximum potential in the interest of all.