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Dr. Maha Diwan

CEO / Co-Founder of LOGICAL Solutions & Consultation

CEO / Co-Founder of LOGICAL Solutions & Consultation


Maha Diwan is the CEO & Cofounder of LOGICAL Solutions & Consultation, one of the fast growing companies specialized in digital transformation solutions and services for the logistics and ports industry. With over 20 years of experience in ports and logistics digitalization projects, Maha has a great passion for the industry.

Maha is an innovation-driven leader with diverse experience in managing business development and digital transformation projects for customers in various sectors and Industries. She has successfully implemented port automation solutions in ports and terminals in Egypt. She has also worked as an industry value expert supporting various organizations along their digital transofmation journey. Along her years of experience, Maha has been part of many international organizations such as SAP and Envision as well as the Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Integrated Solutions for Ports.