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Omer Hamdi

Co-founder of Wain Finder

Co-founder of Wain Finder


Omer Hamdi from Sudan is the Co-founder of Wain Finder, the winning startup of Global Entrepreneurship Week’s Get in the Ring competition in 2016. It is the first Sudanese geospatial directory that helps fill the information gap using Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies. It acts like a combination between Google Maps and TripAdvisor but with a more informed database on locations around Khartoum. It has more than 30,000 locations with street views and user rating capabilities. In the first seven months of its launch, Wain Finder had over 14,000 website visits and 1000 destination reviews. It is a digital Khartoum guide where users can find nearby public transport routes, events, accommodation, and restaurants. Wain Finder also provides data analysis and geo-marketing services for companies using an in-house data collection model (designed by their mother company Blue Bell). Mobile application users can customize their search according to their interests and get quick city updates through the notifications feature.

Omer Hamdi is an Economics graduate from the University of Khartoum. With an early interest in business and entrepreneurship, he worked in leadership, sales, and marketing, as well as, research & development. In 2016, he competed in Get in the Ring where he co-founded Wain Finder with the aim to unlock the transformative potentials of geo-data locally and regionally.