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Rasha Rady

Co-Founder and COO of Cheefa

Co-Founder and COO of Cheefa


Rasha Rady is an assistant lecturer of pediatrics at Cairo University, having received her PHD in pediatrics from the very same university. As she is concerned with managing patient safety and healthcare quality management and aims to facilitate patients' journey to get their medicine accurately (especially the chronically ill), she co-founded Cheefa. Cheefa is a vision-driven company to help chronic patients have safe and sustained access to their recurring medicine, irrespective of location or income status. It is GPS-enabled & AI powered, to further help decision-makers in their fight against non-communicable diseases and become partners in the safe digital transformation of healthcare in MENA. Cheefa integrates medical and pharmacy benefits to improve the patients' outcome.

Rasha Rady was selected as one of our 22 finalists of the MENA Innovation Challenge in 2020.