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Souheil Guessoum

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer ProvenMed Global

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer ProvenMed Global


Patient Driven Medical Innovation

It is not often that medical innovations are driven by patients’ needs or comfort. Ever an innovator, Souheil Guessoum was always seeking out new challenges, and one came along through his meeting with R&D expert. Inspired by the stories from a friend about the daily challenges of living with urinary incontinence they decided to combine their skills and develop a new solution to transform patients’ lives. Together they founded ProvenMed, a startup set out to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of patients worldwide by developing an innovative wearable urinary catheter with an integrated cleaning system.

Urinary incontinence caused by disease, surgery, or age impacts the lives of roughly 5% of the global male population. Current solutions to the problem such as catheters, however, are invasive or use adhesives, both of which are uncomfortable to the wearer and bring tract infections. ProvenMed’s innovative solution, ActivGo, is a non-invasive, adhesive-free, and discreet solution that allows men to manage urinary incontinence in comfort and dignity.

Through ActivGo External Catheter, Portable Bidet for cleaning and wearable urine bag, ProvenMed are transforming the urinary incontinence care industry. Currently a disposable driven practice, ProvenMed sees the world differently, finds sustainable, cost effective options overlooked by others to create the eco-friendly, comfortable, effective and reusable answer to patient’s needs.

Souheil Guessoum, is an experienced manager who holds an Executive MBA from Concordia University, in Quebec. A serial entrepreneur, Souheil has launched several successful businesses, such as Alpha Computers Spa, an IT solution company, Executive Mba Inc. a management training company, and finally ProvenMed Global, a startup that came up with an innovation to manage urinary incontinence problems. Souheil combines academic management knowledge with practical managerial experience that allow him to lead his projects to the summit.