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Dr. Lina Yassin

Neuroscientist and Lead Agile Coach

Neuroscientist and Lead Agile Coach


A Scientist, an Artist, and an Agent for Change

There are a few people who can actually span the entire spectrum of so may disciplines as Lina Yassin has. From theater to neuroscience and education to business, she has done it all.

"I am keen on bringing the accuracy of a scientist, the creativity of a theatre enthusiast and the systematic approach of a teacher to create better services that will empower people. I seek to be a change catalyst enabling the people to keep asking questions.” Very impressive and inspiring indeed.

Lina’s creative journey started at the ASHTAR Theatre in Ramallah. The Theatre aims to promote creativity and commitment to change through a combination of specific training and acting programs, services and professional theater performances. And the skills, knowledge and experience that she acquired though her association with ASHTAR, have been invaluable to Lina’s past and current jobs and initiatives.

Her next milestone was reached at the Hebrew University where she received a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Neurobiology and Neuroscience and her evolution to an educator and researcher started and it’s still continuing to this date. “Although my main background has been researching neuroplasticity and conducting electrophysiological research, I found myself fascinated by design thinking and Agile while teaching at Berlin’s medical faculty, Charite.” Dr. Yassin notes.

Her journey from teaching and problem-oriented learning at the Charite made her aware of the resemblance between neuroplasticity, agility and design thinking. At Futurice, Lina was employing learn-service-creation and open-source methodology and mindset to support her clients through their cultural and organizational transformation.

“There I was teaching problem-oriented-learning, a self-study platform for medical students employing design thinking methodology in education. I thrive to improve learning in organizations by integrating insights and experiences from many disciplines: scientific, educational, design thinking and theater,” she explains.

A neuroscientist, researcher lecturer and Agile coach, today, Lina is leading the Agile chapter of Delivery' Hero leading brand Pandora. Pandora aims for a seamless delivery experience to all its consumers across 40 countries in the world. Lina is working with 150 people tribe of developers, designers, and Product specialist to ensure high performing teams.

Moreover, she is the Founder of Yalla Arabi, an initiative for promoting Arabic language and culture in Germany. “My passion for the Arabic language, drove me into founding an initiative in Berlin and Munich for promoting Arabic language and culture, named Yalla Arabi.” As its founder and manager, she is curating exhibitions, running workshops,

hosting theatrical performances and concerts. The activities of Yalla Arabi also include teaching Arabic for kids and adults employing theater-oriented methods, coordinating a Yalla Dabke folk-dancing group and running reading forums, to mention a few.


November 2004 -October 2013 Academia

Post-doc, scientific associate and lecturer

▪Post doctoral fellow at Technical University Munich : Synaptic transmission and networks.

▪Post doctoral fellow at the Carnegie Mellon University : Cortical networks and somatosensation

▪Post doctoral fellow at Ludwig Maximilian University : Spatial and temporal networks.

▪Lecturer at Graduate School of Neuroscience of the Ludwig Maximilian University

▪Researcher and lecturer at the Freie Universität Berlin : Student supervision, data analysis and programming with Igor.

2018 Certified Lean service creation trainer (Futurice), 2017 Professional Scrum Product Owner (, 2016 Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance), 2004 PhD in Neuroscience (Hebrew University Jerusalem) 1997