Gender Equality & Inclusion

Alexandra Kinias

Artist, Women Rights Advocate & Freelance Consultant

Artist, Women Rights Advocate & Freelance Consultant


Alexandra’s journey started in Egypt with STEM and has taken her to the US and GEM (Gender Equality Matters). She is screenplay writer, novelist, women rights advocate and a freelance market research consultant on Egyptian women's issues. Her passion for movies, books, art, travel and women issues and empowerment is reflected in her writings and advocacy. 

Kinias although a graduate mechanical engineer from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, her passion was in writing which she pursued after she moved to America. She studied creative and screenplay writing and became a published author and a screen writer. Her English self-published fiction Black Tulips, is inspired by her life growing up in a male dominant society in Egypt. Her Arabic book, Cleopatra and her Sisters, is a satirical collection of stories about women's relationships in Egypt.

She co-wrote the movie Cairo Exit, a drama about a forbidden love affair between a Coptic Christian woman and a Muslim man. The movie was censored in Egypt, yet received international recognition and was screened in Tribeca, Dubai Film Festival and Washington Arabian Nights Festival. It also won best non-European Film in the Independent European Film Festival. Her screenplay "Leila's World" was short listed among the best 10 screenplays at RAWI Screenplay Lab in Jordan

Kinias is dedicated to gender equality, in Egypt and around the world. In the age of social media and cyber connectivity, Digital Advocacy has become a powerful and influential tool and as effective as on-site advocacy. With that in mind, and capitalizing on the growing power of social media, Kinias founded Women of Egypt Initiative, a Green Social Digital Advocacy platform with over 675,000 global followers that aims to empower Egyptian women and reinvent the advocacy movement by bringing into focus important issues and positive change.  Building on that success, Kinias also founded Women o Egypt online magazine to spread the message. Moreover, in its quest to broaden its services to women empowerment, the Initiative is launching its “Mentoring Hub”, a digital platform that aims to provide advice, guidance, encouragement to new or established women entrepreneurs from a group of volunteer mentors.

With only a small group of volunteers and a lot of hard work and dedication, Women of Egypt (WoEgypt) has become an international platform and the voice of Egyptian women regularly quoted and sought by media and organizations around the globe.

She also gives presentations about women’s issues and status in Egypt to American audiences. She works as a fiction writing coach and content editor.

Her articles are published in various newspapers, magazines and blogs in MENA and the U.S.