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Fatma Meheni

Entrepreneur & founder of Zolizola

Entrepreneur & founder of Zolizola


Fatma Meheni is an entrepreneur and founder of Zolizola, an Algerian e-commerce platform specialized in baby products. 

Born and raised in Algiers, Fatma is an avid traveller, she studied English literature at the Sorbonne University in France before discovering a passion for journalism and returning to her home country.

She started her career in the media industry working as a field reporter, news anchor and TV host of her own program. After that, a ride-hailing startup hired her at the head of its public relations department in 2018. A few months later, Fatma left the company to create her own. She launched on June 1, 2020, offering concrete solutions to Algerian parents in times of pandemic.

Zolizola has achieved a staggering growth so far with over 32000 subscribers on social media and a 50% month on month revenue growth. Fatma’s ambition is to transform her platform into a reference in the childcare sector in Algeria, and to expand in Africa. She’s well on its way to achieve that!