Gender Equality & Inclusion

Majdi Suleiman

Social Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO of Diamond Hands

Social Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO of Diamond Hands


Majdi Suleiman is a 31 years old entrepreneur from Jordan with 4 years of working experience in the fields of women and youth empowerment, as well as social entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking Sciences (Hashemite University Jordan), a higher diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (CMI United Kingdom) and an MBA with a specialization on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (University of Sunderland United Kingdom).

Jordan is a country highly affected by displacement, unemployment and poverty. While studying the rates of unemployment of women and youth in his country, Majdi became inspired to focus on an academic and professional career that would prepare him to become a social entrepreneur with strong leadership and business administration skills, who could change things for the better. In 2018, he became the founder of Diamond Hands. The organization helps women and young people in marketing and selling their handcrafted products and in developing their home-based businesses. Considering the fact that approximately 52% of Jordanian and Syrian unemployed women and youth already have handicraft skills, but lack the support, guidance and marketing of their handicrafts, the project tackles exactly this issue.

Through the services provided by Diamond Hands, Majdi and his team have created more than 2.000 jobs during the years of 2018 and 2019. By developing the target group’s handicrafts skills, as well as marketing and selling their products on bazaars, their income was increased and living standards improved. Furthermore, Diamond Hands has given more than 70 courses for young people in project management, teaching them how to create projects from home.

And because the world is moving towards the use of technology on a daily basis, Majdi and his team have worked to create a platform for smartphones that serves as an incubator for artisan women in supporting their products and their technical and manual work. It promotes home production projects by marketing handmade products in innovative ways and by providing training to develop and improve their quality. Moreover, artisan women and youth received a training on how to use the technology and photograph their products for uploading them to the platform.

The project Diamond Hands is supported by the Dutch organization ‘Spark’ as it corresponds to the vision of the Dutch Ministry for Jordan - to empower young people and support women to improve their lives for the better. As the project works on gender equality, reducing poverty, reducing unemployment and stopping violence against women, it was awarded with the silver medal as the best idea in the "Young Entrepreneurship Competition 2019" in Germany, for achieving the goals of sustainable development. At the local level, the project was also nominated among six projects out of 1.700 ideas submitted to the Emirati Youth Solutions Initiative, which focused on the economic empowerment of women in Jordan.