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Mona Gamil

Artist & Choreographer

Artist & Choreographer


Mona Gamil is a Cairo based Irish-Egyptian artist and choreographer. Gamil earned her B.A. in Art from the American University in Cairo, and M.A. from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, where she researched applications of cyborg theory and augmented reality in a theatrical context. Gamil also trained as a dancer under the Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop Programme.

Gamil draws on live performance, and multimedia installation to explore questions of identity, ambiguity, and power. Her recent works include Safe Art Practice, a tongue in cheek guide to achieving professionalism and creative bliss in the arts (New York/ Berlin), Notes From A Rehearsal (Dublin), a study of the relationship between rehearsal and performance, and Conspiracy, which asks the question “Who writes history in the age of the internet?”