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Ahmed Farouk

Senior Business Development Manager at APPTCOM

Senior Business Development Manager at APPTCOM


Ahmed Farouk is a Senior Business Development Manager at APPTCOM, a software development company based in Egypt, Canada and Morocco. The company adopts the new trends of technology and empowers the world with the best digital transformation hacks. Their vision is to be the best in class software application development company in the different domain of knowledge.

One of the systems the company is working on is "KidSTAR". It uses an augmented reality (AR) tool, to support children’s reading experience with visual content, and interactive tools. These interactive visualizations aim to increase the engagement time of the reading experience. Moreover, through the reading experience, the proposed system will store the user’s interactions and visual choices to measure the children's behavior and imagination patterns—behavior analytics. The behavior analytics tool, aim to understand the children thinking path to achieve complex ideas.

In summary, the innovative contribution of this proposed system is the merging of augmented reality dynamic visualization, and tangible interaction with analytical feedback. This merging converts the reading experience into a two-way creative channel, and a unique platform for children's imagination creation.

With his project “KidSTAR”, Ahmed Farouk was selected as one of our 22 finalists of the MENA Innovation Challenge in 2020.