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Kamel Haddar

Serial entrepreneur & investor. Founder of TemTemOne

Serial entrepreneur & investor. Founder of TemTemOne


Kamel Haddar graduated from ESCP Business School, one of the top French institutions, with a degree in Marketing and Computer Science.  After graduation, he worked at 3M in London for 2 years and then as a strategy consultant at BearingPoint in Paris for 7 years.

Afterwards, he moved to Algeria where he founded the first start-up studio, CasbahTech, which includes multiple start-ups: (education and tutoring), temtem One (car booking, ecommerce, e-grocery, home services, healthcare), KAROS (carpooling app), Factory Digitale (consulting & tech agency, coding school) and iMadrassa Games (educational games).

Flagship product of CasbahTech, temtem One is a single application that encompasses various services: ride-hailing,  last-mile delivery, carpooling, shopping, healthcare and home services. A new service introduced by temtem One enables Algerians living abroad to send goods and pay for services for people in Algeria. 

Convinced that education is an essential element of a society, Kamel Haddar founded ATLAS (Algerian Talents and Leaders Association) to help create a new generation of leaders and Supports education in Sahara with Tadamoun Program.