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Abdullah Ghanem

Founder of Arcast | Intrapreneur | Event Manager

Founder of Arcast | Intrapreneur | Event Manager



The Young Dynamo and Intrapreneur of Egypt

Abdullah Ghanem is a hard working intrapreneur, podcast guru, event manager, and competitive athlete. He dropped out of Computer Science, as it doesn’t serve his aspirations, and instead he founded Arcast, the first Egyptian podcast production company that provides a reliable channel for podcasters, listeners and advertisers in Egypt and MENA region, by featuring a podcast mobile app, website and recording studio for content creators and influencers.

He is also a podcast producer at Enterprise, in addition to his work at his own company. Enterprise is a daily roundup of news and trends that is expected to influence markets and set the corporate agenda in Egypt.

His brief professional career has been a microcosm of his personality both in energy and innovation. Since he dropped out from his computer science degree at Helwan University, Cairo, Abdullah has thrusted himself into many entrepreneurial and technological innovation projects. He has built and maintained websites and blogs, and mobile apps.

Abdullah’s dynamic and competitive professional profile would not be complete without an equally active and competitive athletic component. He participates in and organizes sports events. He is a 5X half marathon runner, a Logistics Officer & Events Manager for Power Ride Sports responsible for PR facility daily operations, Event Manager and Operations for Cairo Crit where he joined as a trainee in 2016 and then became part of the team.

Arcast will launch the very first podcast club in Egypt on March 6, 2020 followed by a podcast festival “Podfest Cairo” on March 7, 2020. The festival will be attended by renowned and best podcasters from across Egypt. The festival will present a series of workshops, panel discussions, and a competition for potential podcast ideas as well as pitches for existing podcasts— the winner of which gets access to three hours in the Arcast studio.