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Hana El Sadat

Founder & CEO at NEYA

Founder & CEO at NEYA


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Improving the Livelihood of the Local Community and Beyond

Most of us are absorbed in our own lives; studying, working, starting a new business, travelling. And then there are a few among us who not only think of the others but do something about it. And there even fewer who caring for the needy and underprivileged becomes their goal in life. That is indeed a noble cause and commitment that deserves our respect and admiration. Hana El Sadat is the Founder and CEO of “Neya”, a network of individual believers in giving back to the community. A leading figure and role model in the world of philanthropy, charity, and development. El Sadat dreamt about bringing “Neya” to life ever since she was a student in the University of Boston 10 years ago. Because El Sadat has always been active in making the world a better place for the underprivileged, she was unable to find volunteering opportunities that engage the community; this is when the lamp lit up.

When El Sadat finished her studies and moved back to Egypt, she started reviving her charitable activities in her local community by fundraising, collecting in-kind donations and creating a pop-up shop “The Street Store,” where the homeless were able to purchase clothes for symbolic prices to feel dignified.

In early 2019, El Sadat finally founded and established her dream; NEYA. The way Neya works is very simple. It connects those who want to give back with those who are in need, by easing the process to both ends. It builds on the drive of a generation who wants to make a difference. Neya translated means an intrinsic value to do well; the platform generates a more socially aware community growing from an individual’s fundamental need to do good. It channels the potential of civil society by accelerating sustainable activity and awareness, which in turn enhances the standard of living for future generations to come. At the core of Neya is goodness, which is profoundly aided through a tool for community building.

Hana El Sadat is always on the run, hopping from meeting to meeting, from governorate to governorate, and even from country to country to increase the number of beneficiaries that Neya can possibly help and support, while thoroughly paying close attention to the running and operation of Neya. She has peojected herself as a leader and not a boss to her mostly female employees; leading them by her example. She’s an empowered woman who continuously empowers women. El Sadat is using her voice through Neya to spread and teach the language of giving and sympathy in action. El Sadat guides Neya to be a changemaker in the lives of the voiceless!

Neya’s mission is to facilitate and promote sustainable development activities and collaboration. To always provide a platform for knowledge sharing and management, which in turn enhances organizational and individual growth. To channel all available resources, financial, human, public and private to collectively create value and thus have the greatest impact in improving the conditions for all Egyptians. With the vision to unify the development community and becoming a driving agent for the betterment of humanity. To spearhead a transformation in the philanthropic landscape in the region and engage a new generation. To build a foundation that facilitates efforts of those with altruistic desires. To increase charitable activities and donations and essentially become the leading advocate for community building and development.

Neya offers fundraising for NGOs and underprivileged entities through an online campaign, by marketing the campaign on its platforms: website, social media, and an app (to-be-launched), where people can donate online. Moreover, Neya creates 2-3 public volunteering opportunities per month, in addition to charity event planning for corporates as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. Neya also has its own marketplace, where it sells NGO merchandise, handcrafted products by local artisans to help increase their income, and items sold for charity.

The thing that makes Neya truly special is that it is not restricted to a certain cause or Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is in support and in action to make a difference in as many of them as possible, whether it be poverty, education, women empowerment, or waste management and environment. The sole purpose of Neya is to improve the livelihood of the local community and beyond!