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Mohamed Gamal Eldin

Banker, FinTech Expert and Mentor

Banker, FinTech Expert and Mentor


Mohamed Gamal Eldin is a Banker, FinTech expert and mentor. Powered by 24 years of hands-on experience in Banking and Fintech industries. Throughout his lifetime in banking industry, he was responsible to shape many strategies in different banking aspects. In 2015 he started his passion with Online payment when he headed the online payment business and started to innovate and reshape the Online Payment facilities within bank and Fintech firms. He managed solid relationships with lot of merchants whether they were mega merchants or startups, and he helped them to choose the proper way to accept profitable and secure payments. Backed by hands – on experience in risk, chargeback and cybersecurity, He is a mentor and consultant for many of startups and Fintech companies. His mission is to support every startup by helping them shaping their sustainable strategy in payment and preparing them to the new epic challenges beside raising their banking awareness.  He helps Fintech firms to adapt their strategy with the new regulations made by central bank beside crafting a secure, profitable and sustainable market entry strategy.

He also has on-hands experience in different diversified industries like Retail and Pharmaceutical industries.